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Artistic Engineers Age(6-8)

Unleash your artistic imagination & discover your inner Engineer! See art and science collide in our party room and experiment with colors and circuits when you create a unique activity. Experiment with a squishy circuit or paper circuit and make your own LED light robot, octopus or pick your own project. All participants take home their activity.

Diggin' for Dinos (Age 4-6)

Join us on a paleontological dig! Explore our work site to find fossils, examine your findings in our makeshift campsite next door to an Active Volcano, which may erupt at any moment. Work with your teammates to see what sort of dinosaur or creature you have unearthed. Have the choice to design and paint a dinosaur from a molding or make your own fossil to take home. All participants take home their activity

Super Sleuths (Age 5-7)

The Case of the Barefooted Burglar

Grab your magnifying glass, run an obstacle course and scavenge for clues, then examine the evidence using Forensic techniques & help us solve the mystery! Have fun turning in samples collected at the scene and analyze them in a fun forensics laboratory. Incorporated Forensic Science:

*Finger printing

*Dental Impressions

*Qualitative Analysis

A LEGO Robotics Birthday Party with your best friends! (Age 5-8)

Build some cool robots that use sensors to react to motion or tilt and move, race and make sounds with guided help from our expert pit crew who will help you all the way through. Join us for some exciting birthday fun while learning about Robotics too!